March 16 2012

Install pygtkglext 1.1.0 (win32)

Pygtkglext comes with two options of installation, one can either go throught the traditional “gcc” way (configure->make->make install) or the “python” way (python build->install).
Let us look at the second one first, the building process would have gone smoothly as long as your remove the out-of-date pkgc_version_check to be found at line-89 and the import of Overrides to be found at line-103 (don’t know if it’s a good idea though). It will generate correctly the ./gtk/gt(d)kgl/gt(d)kglext.c files but will in most cases be blocked by an attribute error some time later as the has undertaken some big changes ever since the release of our beloved package. Two solutions are nevertheless proposed, but are both somewhat, say, arduous.
1. Overwrite the with one of an older version (that is, to find something that dates back to no late than 2004)
2. Modify the pygtkglext file to cope with the CVS HEAD changes to Basically, you want to add ‘install_data’: PyGtkInstallData to the cmdclass dictionary, and move the calls to add_template_option to a class derived from InstallData. (found here)
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