March 15 2012

Install gtkglext 1.2.0 (win32)

I am using visvis, an excellent and light weight python library for simple 3D visualization in the programme that I’m writing (PyRod).
While it poses no problem under linux, its gtk backend requires the use of pygtkglext and as a result gtkglext, both should be built and installed manually under windows.
The source file can be found here, but at the time when this post was being written, these files have not been touched for at least 6 years…
It took me some time to find out how to do it, so I hope this post to be at least of some help to others…

Basically, there are two problems…(supposing that you already have MinGW installed on your computer)
1. The package requires pangox which is the X–Windows backend of the Pango library, and you wouldn’t need that on a win32 installation. To solve this, one need to carefully remove all the lines and phrases involving pangox in both the configure and
2. Certain files need to be modified to maintain the compatibility with Gtk+ >= 2.20 as has been mentioned here
It shouldn’t be of much difficulty, nevertheless, I’ve uploaded the fixed files.
(place the pixman.c and pixmap-mixed.c under ./examples, and gtkglwidget.c under ./gtk)
This will work, however, only under the condition that you have all the dependencies installed already (OpenGL, gtk+-2.0, glib, etc.) and have set up the right environmental variables (PKG_CINFIG, PKG_CONFIG_PATH, etc.).
Coming up next………………………..Install pygtkglext (if ever I managed to figure it out…)

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