September 22 2011

MX Air & linux

1. imwheel should work, but gives out, instead, a failure message when I tried launching the GUI (imwheel -c)

2. Initially, the mouse cannot be found in xorg.conf, to add one (full instruction can be found here)

2.1 Install endev

2.2 Copy physical location of the mouse from (cat /proc/bus/input/devices)

2.3 Make the udev rule

2.3.1 sudo kate /etc/udev/rules.d/19-local.rules

2.3.2 In the file, type KERNEL==”event[0-9]*”, SYSFS{../name}==”Logitech USB Receiver”, SYSFS{../phys}==”message that you find after Phys of your mouse“, NAME=”input/event9”

2.4 xorg.conf

2.4.1 Add

Section “InputDevice”

Identifier “MX Air”

Driver “evdev”

Option “Device” “/dev/input/event9”

Option “Protocol” “auto”

Option “CorePointer”Section “ServerLayout”


2.4.2 Add InputDevice “MX Air” in Section “ServerLayout”

3. The device can now be recognized when using xinput.

The key binding can be viewed and modified using xinput get(or set)-button-map your_device_id 1 2 3 …

The 4th button corresponds to the scroll up button and the 5th, the scroll down one.

To enable the middle button function (which I assigned to, under Windows, the scroll down button), we can simply apply

xinput get(or set)-button-map your_device_id 1 2 3 4 2

though at the cost of completely losing the ability of scrolling with your MX Air.

4. The use of btnx comes in handy if you want to keep both functions (scroll and middle button).

Type sudo btnx-config to start the GUI.

(identify the buttons, modify button properties)

However, this will cause yet another problem:

Now the scroll down button also acts as a middle button, which means, when you try scrolling down in a document for example, linux will try to paste what is stored in the clipboard each time a srolling down event takes place.

Although one can ease the problem by adding a repeat delay (in btnx), to fully get rid of it needs one to


completely disable the paste-with-middle-button function when running certain applications


come up with something new…

Both seem difficult to implement for the moment

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