September 22 2011

Recommended WP plugins (updated 13/02/2012)

In this post, I’ll briefly introduce (in alphabetic order) the WordPress plugins that “take service” on my site.

Add From Server

This is the very plugin that you should resort to if you are p***ed off (oops=.=) by the HTTP error when uploading new files to the Media Library. I have tried different methods that I found on the web, but none of them seemed to be working. With Add From Server however, you are now allowed to add an existing file (uploaded using other means, ex. ftp) to the library (who originally recognize only the files uploaded via the WP interface) with a simple click.

BP Links+

The major function of this plugin is, as is described by its developer, to allow users to create a special links category for admins which will only show up when an administrator is logged on. However, It is used here for a different propose.

Contact Form 7

The one that is used to create the Contact Me page. The contents that are displayed can be customized via the Plugins page in your dashboard, but it is better if you know a little about the HTML language.

More Privacy Options

This plugin provides more options under Settings-Privacy menu which makes it possible to hide, for example, the entire blog site from visitors other than registered users. (I initially intend to do so.)

Register Plus Redux

This is how a man gets his female subscribers’ first names and last names, or even phone numbers, though you are not required to fill in the real ones.

Show Content by User Level

I’ve been long looking for a suitable plugin which can hide particular contents in a post, and this is it. You can find similar plugins on the web as well, but this is probably the only one that allows you to customize the visibility based on your visitors’ WP user level.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

Source code highlighting, you can find more instructions here.

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