September 22 2011


With the freshly installed Kubuntu 11.04, I decided to try Seamonkey, an internet suite (browser + email + chat + calendar), pretty much like Opera.

Below are listed the problems that I’ve encoutered followed by at least one solution to each of them.

1. Tab Clicking Options

Seamonkey does not come along with features such as opening a new tab when middle clicking on the tab bar or closing when middle clicking on a certain tab.

To make it happen, additional plugins should be installed, such as the Tab Clicking Options (TCO)

Unfortunately, TCO is no longer maintained by its developper and the existing version is said to be “not compatible” with the up-to-date version of Seamonkey.

To make it “compatible” again is actually easier than I thought. (see the original post of Netscapist)

Just open install.rdf with any text editor, find em:maxVersion and replace 2.0 (or whatever you find) with a higher version number (2.1 for example)

Save it, repack all and install it via the add-on manager.

2. MSN on Chatzilla

Just in case the original post of Mauro Andres is gone forever.

Turn Chatzilla into an Universal Instant Messenger Client thanks to Bitlbee.

First, check out the available servers here.

Connect to the server: /server <address:port>

Register a new user account: register <password>

Identify yourself: identify <password>

Add a MSN account: account add msn <yourmsnaccount> <yourpassword>

Save account: save

Enjoy! (type help in the window for more info)

For the moment, Bitlbee also supports ICQ, AOL, Jabber, Yahoo! and Twitter

3. Sun Java plugin

The sun java plugin for seamonkey (firefox) has been moved to restricted universe multiverse, just enable the repository from KPackageKit.

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